Rental Guidelines














1. Driver License - Must have a valid United States --NO EXCEPTIONS
















2. Rental Payment- Must provide a credit card or blank check made out to Ditch Witch of Oklahoma or Ditch Witch of Arkansas.

3. Insurance- Lessee must provide Ditch Witch with a certificate of and to maintain for the duration of the rental agreement, liability insurance, valued at no less than $1,000,000 as well as casualty, loss and damage insurance on the rented property, to the value of no less than the replacement cost of the rented property naming Ditch Witch as additional insured. Renter must also pay any and all insurance deductible liabilities. There will be a 15% loss damage waiver charge if you choose to provide your own LDW.












4. Rental contract- must be completed on every transaction with all pertinent data furnished prior

to the release of the rental equipment. Contract must be signed before release of equipment.












5. All charges are for time out, not time in Rental day is for 24 hours and 8 hours run time on equipment.




Hour Limits:

Daily- 8 hrs

Weekly- 40 hrs

Monthly- 160 hrs



If unit is used for more than 8 hours in a 24 hour period an additional day will be charged.


6. Rates do not include delivery- Delivery is available for an additional charge. 


Same rules apply for weekly and monthly rentals. Every day is a  rental day. Prices subject to change. Not all items may be immediately available at all locations. Some applications may require rate adjustments.

7. Fuel ChargeIt is the Lessee's responsibility to return rental property with approximately as much fuel as on pickup or the lessee will incur a fuel charge of market value +10%.

8. Cleaning Charge- Equipment is to be returned at the same state it was rented as. Failure to adequately clean equipment will result in a $50 clean up fee. 

9. Repairs and Maintenance- All repairs required due to abuse or negligence will be charged to the lessee upon return of the damaged rental equipment. Any abnormal clean-up cost will be the responsibility of the lessee. If the rental unit is converted into a sale, all non-warranty repairs and maintenance during the rental period will be added to the conversion price.


10. Right to Refuse rental if means of equipment transportation is not adequate with Ditch Witch of Oklahoma/Arkansas' specifications.

Example: Equipment trailer is not the correct size for the weight of equipment.


11. Hauling Requirements- trailers are first come first serve

0-3,000 lb : min. single axle, 1/2 ton truck, 2 in ball, 7 way RV hook up

3,000-9,000 lb: double axle, 3/4 ton truck, electric brake controller, 7 way RV hookup, 2 5/16 ball

10,000 lb +  1 ton truck